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Writer. Educator. Activist 


Samantha Major was born Samantha “Sam” Tulin, to a Russian Jewish father and an African American mother in the city of Brotherly Love. Both of her parents were aspiring writers. Their mutual love for words would become the impetus for a unique love of one another. This love was the beginning of Samantha’s story.

She grew up as a very pensive child. Sam would quietly observe the stares that her interracial family elicited and developed an interest in race relations early on. She would soon let her wonderings spill onto the pages of her journal. The first time she fell in love with words was in Ms. Sawyer’s fourth grade class. Every Monday, Ms. Sawyer would proudly introduce the word of the week.  One week the word was “subliminal”. As soon as she learned it, Samantha said the word over and over again in a whisper. She imagined how the shape of each letter looked next to the other. She loved the complex meaning and how the syllables rolled off her tongue.  She grew distracted focusing on the pictures the word evoked in her mind. Samantha ran home and used the word in as many sentences as she could muster, to the amusement of her smiling mother. This was the day she began her love affair with words.

Sam attended the Philadelphia High School for Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA) and majored in Creative Writing. This is where she began writing poetry. She performed her first spoken word piece at the age of 16 on CAPA’s stage and hasn’t looked back since. After graduating from CAPA, Samantha attended Spelman College in Atlanta, GA. She continued to sharpen her writing skills and performed with various Spoken Word groups in Atlanta. She also married her college sweetheart, Rahqwan “Rocky” Major.

Samantha became a teacher and sought to inspire students as Ms. Sawyer once inspired her. She is deeply inspired by her faith and writes to share her experiences as an ever-growing follower of Christ. It is her faith that also compels her to write about the systematic injustices of sexual exploitation, poverty and racism.

She wouldn’t be half the woman and writer she is without the love of her teachers, friends and family, particularly her lifelong hero and mother, Melissa Simmons. Recently Samantha’s mother passed away. This event profoundly affected her and added fervor to her pursuit in becoming a professional writer. She promised her beautiful mother that she would “make it” [as a writer] for the both of them and God willing, she will.

Please visit the home page to see her most recent work.

You can contact me on my social media sites below or via email: samanthamajor58@gmail.com

15 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Sam! My middle Child! lol JK – I’m actually a Middle child, forced to take the reigns of the top – life put me in the position to act as the provider for both my older and younger siblings. So we take these, ever constant challenges in stride. And we thank God/ess – That yes, we have the tools to offer expression to our other sides. No matter which side you may find yourself on, or How that comfortable fence walking may leave you a little alone – you deserve the comfort of your thoughts and views in this world. You get to choose, and everything is not so linear, binary, or confusing. All this resonates with me, and most importantly: Be! 🙂 XO – you know I love you – assertively! lol


  2. This is so beautiful and poetic. I always knew you were gifted, of course, but could never lay my finger on the exact stream that fed the river of consciousness that flows from you and feeds all of us around you. And now I know. The beauty of intelligence and light that comes from you comes from your ability to connect with everyone around you. In this instance, it happens to be in words. But my being is made better just from feeling your glow. So, Sam in the Middle, keep connecting with us and keep shining your light on our own darkest places. So that we too may be better and better just for having been a part of your existence. You truly shine the light of the Lord.


  3. Sam, I am so excited to see this side of you and read more about your background and your family. I look forward to reading more of your writing. You are doing what I want to do. Would love to chat about it. Hugs and lots of smiles.


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