I am a wife .

Though aprons never gathered quite right around my waist

And I never put enough seasoning in your food ,

I am a wife .

Though I don’t delight in buying little fixings for our home ,

And putting things back where they belong,

I am a wife .

Though I think wearing shirts that say “wifey” are lame

And I had to unlearn that serving my man is weakness

I am a wife .

Though I didn’t imagine marriage in my life ,

Never carved out a space for a husband in my dreams,

Even though I wasn’t raised to be one,

I am a wife.

Though I am not always Proverbs 31,

I know God has still called me to you,

I am a wife.

Even though I am often stubborn ,

I am learning to choose you everyday.

And lately I’ve chosen to grow everyday too,

Sorry it has taken so long.

I am a wife.



I can still build a home .

I line the walls with laughter .

I take the mundane and fill it with adventure.

My touches are soft and so is my skin.

My kisses are too.

My words are sweet

And although they are plentiful ,

They are true.

I push you to see the King that I’ve seen all along.


I am your wife

And I love you

– Enough

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