Dear Me… A Letter to Myself, to be Read Over and Over in 2016


Dear Beautiful…

Yes you are beautiful,

Even though you hurt.

Even though you have hurt others.

Even though you are broken.

Even though you can be prideful…

Even when your eyebrows aren’t done.

Dear beautiful, your heart is still big,

You are beautiful.


 Dear Love…

Love is unafraid.

It is walking into a room and blessing others with the fullness of who you are,

It is ignoring the voices that tell you they don’t love you back.

Love is forgiveness.

Love is honoring others’ glow.

Love is protecting and sustaining your own.

You are love.


 Dear Faithful

The faithful ask questions…

The faithful trust they will find the answers.

They seek,

They know the truth; it is embedded in their hearts.

Their life reflects their hearts.

You are faithful.


 Dear Strong

Strength is asking for help,

Strength is accepting help,

Strength is being vulnerable (even beyond this pen).

Strength is sticking with it, no matter how hard, no matter how depriving it is in the moment.

Strength gets things done. 

Dear strong, you don’t have to prove your strength; you exude it.

You are strong.


Dear Success …

Success has no expiration date. 

Success is failing then growing, failing then growing, failing then growing and failing and growing again and again.  

Success is being authentic.

Success is following God’s will. 

Success is making Momma and Popop proud.

You are already success. 


Dear Courage…

Courage is living the life that you thought you didn’t deserve.

Courage is not letting what you’ve been through, blind you from what you have. 

Courage is unabashedly shining, without worrying about others’ insecurities,

Courage is speaking the truth.

Courage is being a student of who you are, then accepting her.

You are courage.






Love Yourself.




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