You move with the same steadiness of my heartbeat

My whole body tremors with your sweet presence

Your budding limbs stretch and extend

Stretch and extend

And so does my heart

You’ve made me rounder and softer


I press my palms against my stomach throughout the day

Just to let you know that mommy is here

That I know you are here

Just to feel the electricity of your blessing

I bathe you in olive oil

Half moisturizer for this stretching skin

Half prayer

Humbly anointing you for life outside of my womb

You are the answer to mommy and daddy’s intersessions


I treasure you deeply

Love you so completely

That is why I am afraid

Afraid that I will stumble

Afraid that I am not whole enough

Afraid to have something so precious in my care


But you are here

Moving beneath my fingertips

Flowering within this body of mine

Already staking your claim on my heart

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