Hollowed Space



Once I looked up from the pages of the bulletin,

I noticed that the only light streaming into the sanctuary,

Were from LED fixtures.

Which during worship,

Craned their mechanical necks at each crescendo,

Alighting the stage in greens, purples and reds.

They dimmed themselves for reflection

And during offering time.

So I went to another


A hollow space,

With ceilings that branched beyond my concept of height,

Where sound bounced from the stained glass windows down to the floor again

These windows admitted only a touch of light

Her rays pushed past antiquated biblical scenes

And froze as muted shapes on the floor

So I tried another


I sat in the pew

And welcomed the friendly warmth of sunshine on my cheek

Windows from the lobby subtly painted the sanctuary with morning

I greeted God in a whisper

And decided to stay

Hoping to find my way back home

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