Pale Skin


My pale skin

Alarmed the nurses when I was born.

For I was pushed from a Brown woman…

I wonder if they checked behind my ears each day to see if my “color” would come in?

It never did.


My pale skin

Alarms you when you hear the way my words form

“You sound black”

But look Puerto Rican,



I used to be amused by this guessing game.

But when I moved to the South,

They guessed White.

But I am my mother’s child.

Alarmed, that was the first time I realized,

The world doesn’t see her in me.


But why are you so pale?

She asked, as we sat in my Spelman dorm room.

I shrugged.


I was used to my skin being alarming.

12 thoughts on “Pale Skin

  1. Love this!! Really had me thinking about my own ignorance when it comes to others and the questions I too get asked about my hair and my eyes. So weird that people don’t think my hair should be curly simply because I’m dark skinned.


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