Wings – In Homage to My Daughter


I wish for you to have wings

Wings, robust enough to fly where I’ve never flown

Generous enough to provide shelter for those that don’t have any

Brave enough to inspire others to grow their own

Loud enough to disrupt predators who deem you unfit to fly

But wise.

Wise enough, to know when it’s their time to rest

I wish for there to be grace to your power,

Softness to your strength


And when you don’t have either,

I will lay your head on my lap

Stroke your scalp –

Palms brushing your hair, as your grandmother did mine

With hands made to smooth across your weariness

And ease you into the presence of peace

I’ll restore you until you can fly again


And when those wings first begin to form,

I’ll offer you patience as you endure growing pains

Consider it an honor to witness who you’ll become

A conglomerate of your ancestors,

Your father and I

Your experiences

And your own unique essence

I will surrender to this growing process

Aid in molding you

And know when to simply behold you

I will love you wildly, unconditionally as your wings sprout


My own wings,

Have grown strong from flying through storms

Have expanded by listening to life’s teachings

And have been compelled by you to fly higher

For I knew my wings would be your example

Their altitude is homage to you


My daughter,

I wish for you to have wings

Wings to fly further than your imagination could take you

With the brazenness to ascend where you please

Your flight will always be my pride


My love, your wind








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